Ellen A. Hurst, PhD

I have a PhD in art history and more than a decade of experience as a professional writer and editor. I got a PhD in art history because I thought that was my main love. As it turns out, I love words just as much as I love art history, and so I’ve made it my profession to bring the two together. I write about art and history. I edit the writing of others who are trying to convey their love of art to the rest of us. And I also edit brilliant nonart humanities texts. There’s nothing I’d rather do!

If you are interested in my services, have a look at my Writing & Editing Services page. Upon request, I can send a rate sheet to give a sense of my pricing.

If you are interested in the fun I like to have with art and words, take a look at my blog, which explores both high art objects and the everyday objects from my life. My goal is to present visual objects in a new way.

About Ellen:
I live in Philadelphia, where I work full-time as a writer and editor. I live in an old, stone rowhouse with my husband and our two kids. We have two cats and a rescue dog. You can contact me through the contact form on this site or at ellenannehurst AT gmail DOT com. Thanks for visiting!


Follow me!
Twitter: @ellenannehurst
Instagram: @ellen.a.hurst

*Please note that an earlier iteration of this blog (2015–19) existed before these projects were begun. Those posts are viewable in the archived section of the blog page.

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