Services & Clients

Past and current clients include:

Art in Embassies | Arlington, VA
Art Story Foundation | New York, NY
Independent Authors & Scholars
Kirkus Editorial | New York, NY
Metropolitan Museum of Art | New York, NY
Penn State University Press | University Park, PA
Saylor Academy | Washington, DC
Simon & Schuster, Audio Division | New York, NY
Smarthistory | New York, NY

Having worked on a diverse range of projects, I am able to work with both individuals and institutions on the production and revision of many different projects. Examples include:

  • Art-Historical Research
    I have experience conducting research on medieval and Renaissance art in libraries and archives, and on modern and contemporary art using contemporary scholarship and direct correspondence with artists.
  • Catalogue Writing
    I have written catalogue text for a number of art exhibitions from around the world.
  • Developmental, Bibliographic, and Copy Editing
    I am available to work with an editorial team or directly with authors to refine text. My background includes both copy editing and bibliographic editing.
  • Creation of online educational content
    I have experience writing art-historical content for general audiences, as well as for students of art history. In addition, I have created tests, academic assignments, and audio-visual content to support online learning.

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