I believe in the power of objects. High or low. Natural or man-made. Utilitarian or decorative. You name it. My blog* explores this idea in two parallel projects. Catalogue examines the ordinary objects that make up the “collection” that is my personal world. The project takes ordinary objects and elevates them in the (extremely loose) format of an exhibition catalogue. Narrate does quite the opposite. It examines famous works of art through an imaginative lens, letting go of formal art history. Instead, it seeks to bring works of art alive—to bring them down to an intimate, human level.

I have a PhD in art history and originally created this website to provide information about my professional services. If you’re interested in learning more about the work I’m available to do, please check out my Professional Work page. You can contact me through the contact form on this site or at ellenannehurst AT gmail DOT com.

I love art in its myriad forms because it exposes how the experience of living is simultaneously universal and individual. I contend that it is finding the extraordinary in our everyday experiences that makes life so interesting. There are fascinating stories everywhere we look. My goal is to bring these stories to light.


*Please note that an earlier iteration of this blog (2015–19) existed before these projects were begun. Those posts are viewable in the archived section of the blog page.

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Twitter: @ellenannehurst
Instagram: @ellen.a.hurst


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