Catalogue examines the ordinary objects that make up the “collection” that is my personal world. The project takes ordinary objects and elevates them in the style of exhibition catalogue entries. Click on the catalogue numbers to see the full posts with discussion.

No. 1

Artist: Pottery Barn
Title: Slipcovered Sofa
Date: 2003
Culture: American
Provenance: Purchased by EAH directly from Pottery Barn in 2003. Gifted to the Philadelphia Charity Uhuru Furniture in 2015.

Blurry photo of our sofa in its original location

No. 2

Artist: Unknown. (Possibly Anchor Hocking Milano Lido? Morgantown Glass Company? Seneca Glass Company?)
Title: Amber Crinkle Glass
Date: 1950s or 1960s
Culture: American
Provenance: Presumably purchased new by the grandfather of EAH some time mid-century. Gifted to EAH by her grandfather around 2002.


No. 3

Artist: Anne Alavi
Title: Mix Tape Collection
Date: 1990s
Culture: American
Provenance: Gifted to EAH by the artist


No. 4

Artist: Woodknot Bookshop, Newport, Vermont
Title: Bookmark
Date: 1990s
Culture: American
Provenance: Tucked into a book purchased at the Woodknot Bookshop in Newport, Vermont. Most likely purchased by the parents of EAH as a gift.


No. 5

Artist: Unknown
Title: Keychain and bottle opener (formerly with Abba imagery)
Date: Unknown (1970s?)
Culture: European or American
Provenance: Given to EAH by Kevin O’Rourke on her twenty-second birthday (2002). Purchased by Kevin O’Rourke on eBay in 2001 or 2002. Original owner/provenance unknown.


No. 6

Artist: Unknown—Copy of Theophan the Greek
Title: Copy of the Icon of the Donskoi Mother of God
Date: Modern copy of 14th century icon
Culture: Russian/Byzantine
Provenance: Purchased as a souvenir by EAH by at the Donskoi Monastery in Moscow in 2011.

Donskoi Icon

No. 7

Artist: Steinway & Sons
Title: Piano Bench
Date: 1950s?
Culture: American
Provenance: Gifted (along with piano) to EAH’s mother in the 1950s by her father and then gifted to EAH by her father in 2017, after her mother’s death.