Avoiding the State of the “Uniom”?

If you're like me and have no interest in watching this evening's State of the Union address (or the "State of the Uniom," if you will), might I suggest you look at and read up on these ten works of art that are each in their own way appropriate for today's political climate? My suggestions: … Continue reading Avoiding the State of the “Uniom”?


All Is Vanity? Methinks Not.

In the fist third of the seventeenth century, Judith Leyster painted The Last Drop. It shows two young men in the prime of life, drinking and smoking. Mentally edit their clothing, and they could easily be a pair of young men from today, drunk, laughing, letting off steam. They seem carefree and genuinely happy. Which … Continue reading All Is Vanity? Methinks Not.