No. 2: Amber Crinkle Glass

Artist: Unknown. (Possibly Anchor Hocking Milano Lido? Morgantown Glass Company? Seneca Glass Company?) Title: Amber Crinkle Glass Date: 1950s or 1960s Culture: American Provenance: Presumably purchased new by the grandfather of EAH some time mid-century. Gifted to EAH by her grandfather around 2002.   My grandfather, born the seventh of fourteen in a small town … Continue reading No. 2: Amber Crinkle Glass


Chi Rho Iota Page, The Book of Kells, 800

I am one of three who toils on this page. We are brothers in the scriptorium of Iona. Our abbey is on a windy and wet promontory. Isolated. An ideal place to contemplate our Heavenly Father, the Trinity, the Gospel. This morning, after tending the kitchen fires, I came to the scriptorium as I do … Continue reading Chi Rho Iota Page, The Book of Kells, 800

No. 1: Slipcovered Sofa

This object, which I first discussed on my blog several years ago, is the first "catalogue entry" in my new project, Catalogue. Artist: Pottery Barn Title: Slipcovered Sofa Date: 2003 Culture: American Provenance: Purchased by EAH directly from Pottery Barn in 2003. Gifted to the Philadelphia Charity Uhuru Furniture in 2015. I recently found a … Continue reading No. 1: Slipcovered Sofa