Christmas Ghosts

I have always loved Christmas. As a child, there was the wonder of bringing a tree inside the house, adorning it with baubles, and watching them glitter in the tree lights. There were nighttime celebrations that took me outside where the lights glittered across the snow. The world itself seemed to twinkle. I still like … Continue reading Christmas Ghosts

Just Passing Through

It recently occurred to me that my memories as conveyed on this blog often involve driving through and around the different landscapes I've inhabited. "The verdant hills of Vermont." "The expansive plains of the Midwest." And so on. I guess this is partly because I'm from a driving family. Gotta get to college in Ohio? … Continue reading Just Passing Through

Jeremy Mangan’s Desert Island

Yesterday I had the delightful experience of seeing a painting for the first time and being absolutely sucked into the painting. If you don't already know him, let me introduce you to native Seattle artist Jeremy Mangan. I discovered Mangan's work at the Tacoma Art Museum, which is one of my favorite museums in the … Continue reading Jeremy Mangan’s Desert Island