Halloween Magic

I adored Halloween as a small child. Then when I got a little older, my love for the holiday faded. By college, when Halloween had become "Dress Like a Sexy Zombie Day," I sort of hated Halloween. But even after my love of Halloween had faded, I always retained fond memories of what Halloween once … Continue reading Halloween Magic

Painting the Obamas

It was recently reported that the Obamas have selected the artists to paint their official portraits. The former president will be painted by the celebrity artist Kehinde Wiley, and Michelle Obama will be painted by the less famous (but by no means obscure) artist Amy Sherald. I cannot wait to see how these portraits turn … Continue reading Painting the Obamas


In one of my graduate classes, Research Techniques in Renaissance Studies, I studied the history of scholarship and manuscripts. One of the things I found most interesting was the palimpsest. Since books were made from expensive parchment (animal skin), corrections were not easy to make. Images couldn't simply be erased with a rubber eraser, nor … Continue reading Palimpsest