What’s the Point, Really?

Why did my parents surround me with art as a kid? Why am I doing the same with my son? Some of my earliest memories involve art. I remember visits to Westminster Abbey, where I was amazed at the vaults soaring high overhead and was afraid of the effigies carved onto the tombs. I have … Continue reading What’s the Point, Really?


A Modest, Beloved Work of Art

What is a work of art? Is it something physical that you can hold on to? Is it a story? Is it a piece of fine craftsmanship? Is it an idea? Many people have written about this, and I guess the answer is that it’s a combination of the above things. Honestly, though, I can’t … Continue reading A Modest, Beloved Work of Art


I’ve spent the last couple of months trying to balance a very busy working-parenting life with my inborn nesting instinct. Beginning around Thanksgiving, I feel an uncontrollable urge to hunker down—stock up on fire wood, cook caloric food, wear thick socks and snuggle under plush blankets—whether I’m in seventy degree New York, subzero Wisconsin, or … Continue reading Quietude