Burckhardt Source

Headed by Professor Maurizio Ghelardi of the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, a team of scholars has recently made hundreds of letters written to Jacob Burckhardt freely available in a digital library. Head over to burckhardtsource.org to view the correspondence. It is currently divided into six categories: 1. "Potnia" includes letters that shed light on … Continue reading Burckhardt Source


The Beauty and Brutality of Interaction: Art Far from Home

It is very trendy for art historians to talk about “cultural interaction” and the hybrid works created during a given period of interaction. My research focuses on the interaction between Muscovy (Russia) and northern Italy during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, so I’m definitely a part of this trend. Most scholars of early modern art … Continue reading The Beauty and Brutality of Interaction: Art Far from Home

Swapping Bruegel for Altdorfer

After more than a month as an official Seattleite, life is finally starting to take on a rhythm and things are beginning to feel normal. Still, there are things that are taking some getting used to. There are wonderful things that I’m not sure I’ll ever take for granted, and less wonderful things that I’m … Continue reading Swapping Bruegel for Altdorfer