Burckhardt Source

Headed by Professor Maurizio Ghelardi of the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, a team of scholars has recently made hundreds of letters written to Jacob Burckhardt freely available in a digital library.

Head over to burckhardtsource.org to view the correspondence. It is currently divided into six categories:
1. “Potnia” includes letters that shed light on the social conditions of women in the nineteenth century
2. “Bode” includes letters from German scholar Wilhelm Bode
3. “Music” includes letters from Burckhardt’s friends discussing a shared love of music
4. “Faraway” consists of sixteen letters written by men from distant points on the globe
5. “Europe” includes correspondence that touch on some of the major historical events of nineteenth-century Europe
6. “Photography” includes letters that address the production and reception of photographs in the nineteenth century

This resource is especially useful to anyone studying nineteenth-century art and history. It is also useful to anyone interested in better understanding the early foundation of art history as a discipline. A great treasure trove that is still growing; new letters are uploaded to the site every two weeks.

Jacob Burckhardt, 1892
Jacob Burckhardt, 1892

(I’ve added this to my ever-growing resources page. Have a look!)


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