No. 11

Ten years ago Wednesday, two imperfect people married in a nearly perfect place. They said "I do" in front of a roaring fire in a 1920s fishing lodge tucked into the woods overlooking a frozen lake in the North woods of Wisconsin. Just beyond the reach of this lodge and its lake were magical sounding … Continue reading No. 11

Pyotr Konchalovsky, First Snow. Blue Dacha, 1938

My parents' country house was built nearly a century ago, and though it's a country house, it has many of the trappings of an upscale city dwelling. There are formal spaces with slick, polished wood floors, large glass windows with delicate carving around the moldings, and rich fabrics with tulips and rosettes adorning the floors … Continue reading Pyotr Konchalovsky, First Snow. Blue Dacha, 1938

No. 10

Artist: Unknown Title: Perfume Set Date: 1993 Culture: American Provenance: Given to EAH by her aunt on her thirteenth birthday When I turned thirteen—something as a younger child I always denied would ever happen, deeming all teenagers to be evil incarnate—I was living in a small town in Illinois. I was at a new school … Continue reading No. 10