A Rose

Today would have been my mother's seventieth birthday. Were she alive today, I would have sent her a bouquet of pale pink roses. She once told me that she thought the two most perfect things in the world were cats and roses. Since she already had a beloved feline in her life, I tried to … Continue reading A Rose


2017 is the Year of No Apologies

Fabulous advice.


I am an apology addict. I know that it’s a trope-turned-cliche that women apologize too much, but I’m sorry to say that my propensity for unprompted and effusive contrition puts even your average upspeaking millennial office worker to shame.

Am I calling you on the phone? I’m SORRY to bother you. Am I approaching the customer-service desk where you work specifically to answer questions like the one I need to ask? I’m still SO SORRY to be SUCH A PAIN. Did I — horror of horrors — take longer than fifteen seconds to load my groceries into my stroller? OH MY GOODNESS, I AM SO, SO, SO, SO SORRY. Did my child make any noise whatsoever in public? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE LET ME TELL YOU HOW SORRY I AM. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry.

It comes from being terrified of conflict, and in possession of a much…

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