I’ve spent the last couple of months trying to balance a very busy working-parenting life with my inborn nesting instinct. Beginning around Thanksgiving, I feel an uncontrollable urge to hunker down—stock up on fire wood, cook caloric food, wear thick socks and snuggle under plush blankets—whether I’m in seventy degree New York, subzero Wisconsin, or … Continue reading Quietude

Craigslist, the Internet’s Garage Sale

One summer several years ago, when my husband and I were under-employed graduate students with too much time on our hands, we bought a painting. Since we both love art and were bored, we got cracked on the idea that we should have more art in our house. Given our under-employed status, we weren’t in … Continue reading Craigslist, the Internet’s Garage Sale

Swapping Bruegel for Altdorfer

After more than a month as an official Seattleite, life is finally starting to take on a rhythm and things are beginning to feel normal. Still, there are things that are taking some getting used to. There are wonderful things that I’m not sure I’ll ever take for granted, and less wonderful things that I’m … Continue reading Swapping Bruegel for Altdorfer

The Renaissance Baby Shower

Somehow, I only recently attended my first baby shower. From what I can tell, it was your standard baby shower, though better than most since it didn’t involve silly games. The mother-to-be was glowing, the other mothers talked shop with her, and she was showered with gift after gift. Materially speaking, the modern mother has … Continue reading The Renaissance Baby Shower