Tsvety. Fleurs. Fiori. Blumen.

Many, many moons ago, my husband gave me a paper flower. Not one of those fancy tissue-paper flowers that you've fluffed up around a pipe cleaner "stem." This was a flat cut-out of a rose that he had drawn on sketch paper with a pencil. A lovely, simple, humble drawing. Cream and gray. Smudged with … Continue reading Tsvety. Fleurs. Fiori. Blumen.

A Newcomer’s Guide to the Art-Historical Vagina

This week, I read an article about a legal dispute between a French art teacher and Facebook. The man posted an image of L’Origine du Monde (NSFW) on his page to promote an art-historical video. Facebook cried indecency and removed the image. If you’re not a student of art history, you might not be aware … Continue reading A Newcomer’s Guide to the Art-Historical Vagina