No. 5: Key Chain and Bottle Opener

Artist: Unknown Title: Key chain and bottle opener (formerly with Abba imagery) Date: Unknown (1970s–90s?) Culture: European or American Provenance: Given to EAH by Kevin O'Rourke on her twenty-second birthday (2002). Purchased by Kevin O'Rourke on eBay in 2001 or 2002. Original owner/provenance unknown. I sometimes like to say that I got my husband for … Continue reading No. 5: Key Chain and Bottle Opener

Beautiful Books

I've moved a lot. And on every move, I've gotten some version  of  "Have you ever heard of a Kindle?" from the movers as they hoist heavy book box after heavy book box. Yes! I have a Kindle, and it's great. It's especially great when I want to download the latest Tana French murder mystery. … Continue reading Beautiful Books