No. 16: Scottish Fantasy

Artist: Max BruchTitle: Scottish FantasyDate: 1880Culture: GermanProvenance: Album gifted to EAH by her mother in 2003 I had no idea that my last trip to my family home in Vermont would be my last. Had I known, my sentimentality would surely have ruined it. I would have had that terrible painful lump in my throat … Continue reading No. 16: Scottish Fantasy

No. 4: Bookmark

Artist: The Woodknot Bookshop, Newport, Vermont Title: Bookmark Date: 1990s Culture: American Provenance: Tucked into a book purchased at the Woodknot Bookshop in Newport, Vermont. Most likely purchased by the parents of EAH as a gift. Is there anything more ordinary than those paper bookmarks that are slipped into the new book you're buying at … Continue reading No. 4: Bookmark