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Well, it hasn’t been the greatest week for me and I’m not feeling super inspired to expound about much. Still, there is a lot of arts news that I thought my readers might find interesting. So, I’m kicking off my new newsletter-style blog post, which I’m hoping to make a regular feature. Check out some of the things I’ve stumbled across over the last week:

The Animal Soul Project

I’m equal parts animal lover and art lover, so I found this particularly interesting. The project is a series of portraits of cats and dogs by photographer Robert Bahou. They are excellent and thought-provoking images and they leave no doubt in my mind that animals are complex and do indeed have souls.

Byzantine Church Discovered in Turkey

A Byzantine church dating to the 11th-12th centuries has been discovered in Bucak. It is a “rock-church” and is not fully intact, but there are surviving wall paintings and floor mosaics.

How Did Ancient Greek Music Sound?

This line of inquiry never gets old. To me at least. (See my post from last January about music from Ancient Babylon.) I have no idea how accurate we can believe the interpretation to be, but informed people have taken the time to really study it, which says something.

Nelson-Atkins Museum Attributes Work to Bosch

A work in Kansas City’s Nelson-Atkins Museum, The Temptation of Saint Anthony (1500–1510), has recently been attributed to Hieronymus Bosch. He of Garden of Earthly Delights fame.

David Attenborough Opens an Art Gallery

Sir David Attenborough, British naturalist, has just opened a gallery in Leicester for “socially-engaged and inclusive programmes across the arts” at the Attenborough Arts Centre, the gallery brother, Richard, opened in 1997. There is so much potential for good here!

Paintings in the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum

If you’re in New York, get yourself to the Met some Friday or Saturday before March 19! The Temple of Dendur is being lit up with colors to show what the paintings inside the temple would have looked like. A super duper treat that I wish I could see.

Ai Weiwei’s Recreation of Photo of Alan Kurdi

You can hardly open your Internet browser without seeing something about Ai Weiwei. Well, I read about his photo that recreates the tragically famous photograph of drowned Syrian refugee, Alan Kurdi, and couldn’t agree more with the author of the linked article that it “should not exist.”

Database of Free Classical Works

If you’re a student of the classical world, this should be of interest. Always exciting to learn about freely available content. Via Cornell University. Check it out.


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