Nike of Samothrace

A colleague and friend of mine, Christa, Irwin, was recently interviewed by The Wood Word, “Marywood University’s Online News Source,” about a work of art that helped to get her interested in art history. She chose the Nike of Samothrace, which also really got the wheels turning for me during my introduction to art history. There’s an excellent discussion of this work on

Christa says that “there is this opportunity to be transported into the past, to a very different culture, to be connected to people that are so vastly different from ourselves.” And I couldn’t agree more. I remember sitting in some of my first art history classes and feeling that same thrill of connection to cultures that were so distant from my own when certain works that spoke to me were discussed. The Nike still gives me a bit of that thrill.

Nike of Samothrace, 2nd Century BCE



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