Isaak Brodsky, Fallen Leaves, 1929

I'm not sure how long the house has been abandoned, but since childhood it has felt like the old home had been given over to the forest eons ago. My friends and I would meet there after school. We would pretend it was a palace, a dungeon, a pirate ship, and sometimes—when my little sister … Continue reading Isaak Brodsky, Fallen Leaves, 1929

No. 8

Artist: WubbaNub Title: Pacifier with Stuffed Elephant Date: 2019 Culture: American Provenance: Purchased at Target by EAH for her wee daughter If you think about it, our relationships with our babies are unusual since most other relationships are founded on a shared history—family that you've known since you were born or friends you've had for … Continue reading No. 8

Otto Marseus van Shrieck, A Forest Floor Still Life, 1666

Children the world over have long been told tales about the sinister magic of the forest at night. Stories about witches and hungry wolves and beady-eyed raptors. Stories about darkness swallowing up all traces of goodness. Stories about the innocent entering into the woods never to be seen again. These stories are quickly followed up … Continue reading Otto Marseus van Shrieck, A Forest Floor Still Life, 1666

Rebecca Davis, Honeycomb Quilt, 1846

Before it happened, I was stitching together the red-orange flower that would eventually find its home at the far edge of my quilt. I was bone tired after a day of cleaning and cooking and running after the children, and this was a special time of reflection. There is something divine in the devising of … Continue reading Rebecca Davis, Honeycomb Quilt, 1846